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Warm Welcome & Subscription Confirmation

After subscribing, users receive a message like "Welcome to MyLAH, Your Learning Assistant Hub", creating an immediate rapport and setting the stage for their tailored learning experience.

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Seamless Subject Navigation & Timed Interaction

Upon entering our Telegram or WhatsApp conversation, users engage with a user-friendly interface. Clicking on "E-Learning" unveils all 15 subjects. After selecting one, they transition to our querying system and connect in real-time to a subject-specialist via live chat. Here's where the timing kicks in: each session is standardized to 15 minutes. However, provisions are in place if a teacher needs additional time for specific queries, ensuring users receive thorough answers without feeling rushed.

step 3
Interactive Query Resolution, Choice, & Session Management

After posing their questions, users receive precise, comprehensive answers. Once the teacher provides the solution, the system prompts the user: continue with another query, wrap up the chat, or return to the main menu. If there's a lull in activity for 30 minutes, the system auto-terminates the session, maintaining optimum efficiency.

Step 4
Feedback Mechanism

Upon concluding a session, users are prompted to leave feedback about their interaction with the teacher. This not only aids MyLAH in consistently enhancing the quality of service but also gives users a platform to express their views and experiences

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*We Apologize, But The Bahasa Malaysia Option Is Postponed Until Further Notice!

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